Q. Does RV One take trade-ins?

A. Yes. We love trade-ins and we will give you top dollar for it. The very best way to get a good trade-in quote is to do two things; send us pictures of your trade with details AND provide us with the very best trade in quote you got from another dealer on the same unit your interested in with us. This saves you time and money. Its quick too. But don’t forget, send us pictures and details along with the exact numbers your got from another dealer, selling price and trade allowance. Then we will go to work and save you money just as we have for over 30 years. We love your trade and will work hard to earn your business.

Q. Where are your locations?

A. We are growing every day and now have nearly 20 locations nationwide. Check out which one is closest to you by visiting our locations page.

Q. Can you deliver to me?

A. Yes. We are one of the few companies in the United States & Canada that has our own Transport Division. We can ship direct to you OR arrange for that service with a common carrier. Shipping to your location is permitted only if the manufacturer your considering allows it. Otherwise you are required to come to one of our locations, complete your orientation and walk-through and then we can deliver it to you. Delivery costs range anywhere from $650.00 to $2,500.00 depending on distance from our stores. Average price is approximately $1.75 a mile, one way.

Q. Can I finance 100% of the purchase?

A. Yes. Although you are required to place a down payment to order or hold your RV of choice, you can notify the Finance Manager that contacts you after you make your down payment that when the RV is ready for pick up you’d like to Finance 100% of the purchase and get the down payment returned. We can do that, as long as the bank approves it and the down payment amount is added back to your loan.

Q. How much of a down payment is required?

A. We require very minimum down payment. The amount required to hold your RV and the current sale price is 5% of the purchase price, minimum of $1,000.00 However if you decide to cancel after your down payment is made the down payment is non-refundable because we process your order and go to work for you to hold that vehicle as soon as you decide to make the purchase. There is no pressure. Make your decision on your time. But when you do decide a 5% deposit (Minimum of $1000.) is required to start the process. It will be the best RV decision you can make and its up to us to show you that.

Q. Will you match another dealer’s price?

A. No….actually we will beat it! In the very rare case another dealer makes a mistake and gives you a lower price quote for the same exact make, model, same specifications, not only will we match it… but we will beat it by $500.00. Just provide us a copy of the quote, make, model and specifications and we will ensure we are always the lowest price.

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

A. No. All our fees are shown right up front to you on your buyers order. We just want to earn your business, your respect and friendship of having one more person on the road with a unit from RV One Superstores.

Q. How do I get license plates?

A. Great question. This is very easy. If you live in one of the States where our dealerships are located, then the dealership will issue you license plates when you arrive for your demonstration the day you pick up. If you live outside of the State where the location is you will be picking up, as most of our customers do, this is just like if you bought a car out of State. If you complete your documentation prior to picking up we will send you the titling documents and you will go to your local DMV and pickup your plates prior to coming to get your new unit. Additionally, some locations may be able to provide you a temporary tag until you get home and at that time you can obtain your plates from your local DMV.

Q. How long have you been in business?

A. Our company was founded over 30 years ago by the same family that still runs it today. Founded in 1984 by Anthony and Kathleen Strollo, in their basement of their home in Upstate New York, with five little boys, they began buying and renting RV’s while Anthony was a full time NY State Police Officer. When he retired a couple years later they began selling RV’s, one by one. All the boys grew up in the business cleaning, detailing and working in the Service Department. In October of 2000 Anthony and Kathleen retired and Don (their middle son) took over the reigns and became President of the one dealership in New York. In 2004 the company acquired a dealership in Buffalo. In 2006, Des Moines Iowa. In 2008, Orlando Florida and in 2014 acquired Tampa RV in Dover Florida. Today the company employs over 300 great people and Don, Mark and Matt Strollo can be seen everyday working at one of the company’s five locations. They love it, they love our customers and no one will work harder to show you the best RV buying experience of your life.