How Do I Get Delivery?

The unit gets delivered to your home OR you come to one of our convenient Factory Authorized National Dealer Pick-up locations to get it, whichever works best for you. When production is nearing completion of your unit, you’ll be contacted to arrange final payment and to confirm your final desired delivery location. You have 2 delivery / pick-up options:

  1. Your vehicle can be delivered directly to your home or desired location. We will deliver the vehicle clean and demonstrate all the features of the vehicle to you upon arrival. This option of delivery costs $1.75 per mile from one of our 15 locations (minimum $650). When we deliver the vehicle to you, the cost does not include setting up or leveling the unit at the site. This can be arranged, but will be charged accordingly.
  2. You can pick-up your vehicle at one of our 15 facilities in: New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Iowa (best for mid-west and west coast customers). Jayco and Grand Design require customers to pick up from our dealership.

Each particular unit spec. page here on our site shows the delivery or pick-up options available for your brand of choice. Either way you go, we’ll get the unit to you days after it rolls off the factory floor in brand new, clean, and ready to use condition. Having fun and enjoying it for years to comeā€¦that’s up to you!